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About Us

Founded in 2017 in Philadelphia, AP reQuest has one simple yet important goal - use our expertise to help Accounts Payable departments leverage technology to streamline operations and increase efficiency.

With over ten years of experience in Accounts Payable, AP reQuest's founders understand the problems AP departments commonly face, and know the products currently available. We took this knowledge and experience, and developed products to help AP departments address challenges, streamline processes, and operate more efficiently with simple yet innovative solutions.

Bettering your business

We believe that implementing and using an AP portal should mean less work, not more for your AP department, so our products are designed to be intuitive and low-maintenance.

Transparent results

We also know that tracking your ROI is important to you, so we've created tools that let you see exactly how AP reQuest is helping your business.

New Normal

Since the COVID-19 epidemic, working from home has become the new normal, and we are dedicated to helping AP departments leveraging technology to increase productivity.


AP reQuest offers several unique, cloud-based solutions aimed at streamlining your AP operations, and alleviating the need for constant inquiries from suppliers and vendors. Each product was designed with the user experience in mind to reduce training requirements, create an intuitive system, and increase the rate of supplier adoption.

Supplier Portal

Central to AP reQuest's solutions is the Supplier Portal, your suppliers' one-stop shop for securely submitting their invoices, checking their payment status, or inquiring about missing invoices or payments.

Notify Me

Keep your suppliers informed by automatically sending them your AP statement for review. An alternative to the Invoice Search product, this feature allows users to receive their invoice information in regularly scheduled reports delivered directly via email.

Submit Invoice

One of the most common questions in the Req-to-Check process is where and how to submit invoices for processing. AP reQuest's Submit Invoice feature eliminates these questions by providing a central place for suppliers to upload their invoices to the right group within your department.


AP reQuest's back-end Reporting product keeps you informed about which suppliers are using their portal, how frequently they are using the portal, and other key analytics so you can maximize portal participation and track your ROI easily and efficiently.

Why choose us?

We pride ourselves on delivering great products at an affordable rate with unparalleled customer service.

User Interface

Our platform was designed with the users experience first. Visiting suppliers require zero training to effective use the software resulting in immediate impact one day one.


AP reQuest's software is as easy to implement as it is to use. ERP agnostic, our cloud based solution requires zero involvement from your IT department, and our software is ready for use in about two weeks.


Each solution is hosted on our own dedicated servers and requires zero system support from our clients.

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