Online Accounts Payable portal

  • Zero implementation fees
  • Ready in 2 weeks
  • Increase Productivity

  • Reduce emails & phone calls
  • Streamline invoice
  • Notify Suppliers of invoices under review

  • Scheduled reports
  • Maintain supplier & department relations

  • Invoice transparency
  • Communicate AP policies
  • Benefits of a Supplier Portal
    An AP Portal that works for you

    Easy to use:

    AP reQuest is a powerful and effective cloud-based solution for Accounts Payable departments overburdened by supplier phone calls and email inquiries regarding invoice statuses. Through our intuitive AP portal, suppliers can submit and search invoices, receive automatic notifications, and check their account status independently without contacting your AP department.

    Easy to implement:

    AP reQuest’s software is as easy to implement as it is to use. With zero implementation fees, and zero involvement/support from your IT department, our software is ready for use in less than two weeks.

    Easy to maintain:

    Most supplier portals are expensive and time-consuming to implement, require extensive training for each supplier enrolled, and still take up your time with ongoing password maintenance. AP reQuest’s ERP agnostic solution is affordable and simple to launch and maintain. Our system is intuitive, and each portal comes equipped with a unique, maintenance-free log-in system. A better experience for your suppliers and staff means a better rate of adoption, leading to a quicker ROI.

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